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Swan Yard
Market Place
North Yorkshire
YO18 7AA
United Kingdom

Tel: 01751 475817

Website: www.dallol.co.uk

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Director Sales: Victor Buchanan
Director Project Delivery: Andrew Springett


Year Established: 2013
VAT No: GB 163 2626 19
No of Employees: 1-20


Distributor; Machinery & Equipment Manufacturer



If your sawmill, or factory has a process heat use, (and/or and electrical demand) a bespoke biomass or biomass waste-fuelled boiler system can still reduce, or even eliminate your energy costs even after the end of RHI – and if you prefer to guard your own cash for core business purposes, subject to status, we can pay for it instead. We offer a turn-key service so that you can get on with the day job and we aim to deliver the best customer service in the engineering sector, let alone biomass. Unlike most of our competitors, we aren’t boiler salesmen – we deliver complete projects – on-time and at a fixed price. Our systems exclusively use boilers from AgroForst, the world’s leading biomass boiler manufacturer; they are designed for large energy users that average a heat demand of 500kWh for more than 4500 hours per year. They also run on ‘low-quality’ biomass and therefore don’t require valuable ‘white’ wood-chip or pellets, if your existing biomass boiler is no longer fit for purpose, or you have an RHI accreditation but the original boiler you bought is on its last legs we can provide a tailor-made replacement that will quickly pay for itself and last the course.