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  • Woodsafe Timber Protection AB
    Vasteras, Sweden
    Woodsafe Timber Protection is a leading manufacturer of fire-retardant wood products in Scandinavia. Our refinement services meet the national and European fire prevention regulations and requirements. Woodsafe refines the wood's natural properties by advanced vacuum and pressure processes. Finished end products are marketed under the trade name Woodsafe and related applications such as Woodsafe standard, Woodsafe Exterior Fire-X, Woodsafe Interior, Woodsafe Acoustics etc.
  • Koppers Performance Chemicals
    Marlow, United Kingdom
    Koppers Performance Chemicals is the global leader in timber preservatives, working in partnership with the industry to enhance the natural durability of timber in agricultural, construction, landscaping and utility applications. Synomonous with innovation, Koppers Performance Chemicals' product portfolio contains some of the most trusted and valued brands in the Industry, notably Celcure®, MicroPro®, Protim®, Exterior Fire X®, Koppers Fire-Pro and Aquatan®.
  • Lonza Wood Protection
    Castleford, United Kingdom
    Lonza Wood Protection is a leading European supplier of products and processes for the effective preservative and fire retardant protection of timber. Leading brands include Tanalith and Vacsol wood preservatives and Dricon and ATP Generic fire retardant treated timber and plywood.
  • WJ Group
    Hull, United Kingdom
    WJ Group supplies timber treatment services and DeckWright Anti-Slip decking products to all sizes of timber business. From sites in Hull and Rochester, this includes: high and low pressure timber treatment for both in-ground and above ground; fire retardant treatment and DeckWright Anti-Slip, either supplied as a service to enhance to your standard decking or DeckWright Inserts to be applied retrospectively, reducing the risk of slipping on wet decking. In addition to our company website, visit to learn more about the DeckWright brand and how your business can benefit from anti-slip decking.
  • BASF plc
    Cheadle, United Kingdom
    BASF Wolman GmbH is part of the Construction Chemicals Division of BASF. The company develops, manufactures and distributes high performance Wood Protection chemicals for industrial use to protect timber against wood destroying fungi and insects. The product portfolio comprises Wood Protection solutions for impregnation of outdoor timber, (e.g. decking & utility poles), construction timber and the temporary protection of sawn timber against discolouring fungi (e.g. mould). Further information is available at
  • NORclad Limited
    Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Nordic Timber Export
    Rekken, Netherlands
  • PTG Treatments Ltd
    Retford, United Kingdom
  • Zeroignition International Inc.
    Christchurch, Barbados

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