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  • BeA Fastening Systems Ltd
    Woodmansey, United Kingdom
    BeA Fastening Systems UK Ltd is part of the successful global group BeA GmBH and have been in the fastening business for 50 years in the UK. BeA is a global manufacturer of fastening technology for a wide range of industries including construction, furniture production, automotive, packaging, landscaping, bedding, transportation and many others. BeA’s products range from automated fastening systems for modern speed, high efficiency production lines to nail guns, nailers, heavy duty staplers, tackers, pinners, industrial screwdrivers and hot melt technology. The business also manufactures a wide range of accessories and consumables including screws, nails, staples, timber connectors, gas fuel cells and compressed air products.
  • Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd
    Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Spotnails Ltd
    Caerphilly, United Kingdom
  • Tacwise Group PLC
    Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
  • Timber Fastening Products
    Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom
  • YB Fixings Ltd
    Swindon, United Kingdom

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